Secular feminism rapes the Church.

Outline: This is an anticipated outline that will follow secular feminism’s entry into Christianity through to it’s premeditated implosion. This page will flow in a roughly chronological order. It will not be fleshed out until after the proceeding pages are completed as they will provide a clearer picture of the theological background that secular feminism took advantage of.

Throwing off the shackles of the Patriarchy.

Growing up in New Zealand, these were the battle cries of the secular feminists:
Women should able to sleep around freely without any consequences.
Women shouldn’t have to be shackled to men if they want to have kids.
Being a mother is a full time job and deserves full time pay.
Women should be equal with men.

Let’s legalise it.

Changes in NZ law from the 70’s to accommodate the above feminist theory, contraception laws, abortion law, family law etc. Waring, Clark, Dyson, Hercus, Richardson, Wilde.
Churches should be governed by the Government’s moral codes, not those of Jesus.

OK, now let’s interpret the Bible.

Faking science: Justifying the discipline.
Love becomes sex: Everybody needs loving.
Women making money: but who for?
Birthing anti-Patriarchal movements.
Volcanoes, earthquakes and drought: Mother Nature in God’s shoes.
In the classroom: Schüssler-Fiorenza, Tribble, Brenner and their Kiwi disciples.
RIP Methodists: sorry, but no-one noticed anyway.
Ma Whea report: Kiwi feminists seeking global history.

The latest law changes:

Prostitution law reform, Homosexual/Lesbian law reform, etc.

Where we are now:

Little Johnny follows mummy’s moral example.
Prostitution, pornography, domestic violence: not a concern of feminist biblical critics.
Tribal living: children’s behaviour not mum’s responsibility.
Roastbusters revisited: Slut culture, rape culture, and feminist fantasy.
Division within the Church and homes: It’s our priority.
From John Lennon to Chris Brown: All you need is love, don’t judge me.
Controlling men: Here’s pussy pussy pussy.
21st century failures: It’s still man’s fault, but it’s the way that the world is going, what a shame, we can’t help that.

The future:

Teacher, teacher: Legislating motherhood into irrelevancy.
The glbtqi+ gender wars: invisible women promoting child sexual exploitation.
Individualism, communism and corporate wealth.
Corporate profits: monetising sexualised children.