Homosexual paedophile grips control of history.

Here is an outline of this essay, which will be completed after the previous two essays.

Why is there currently no publicly available register of paedophile priests in New Zealand? If there was to be such a register, undoubtedly early missionary William Yate would have been one of the first registered.

1. How perceptions of history influence academic systematic theology.
a. They couldn’t write back then.
b. Jesus didn’t really say that, such-and-such didn’t really happen.
c. Using the text within new historical context to justify new philosophies.
d. The value of history in Christian theology.

2. William Yate and his supporters today: paedophile, or just a homosexual playing with many young boys?
a. What was Yate accused of?
b. How did he defend himself?
c. How was this defense successful?
d. The academic cover-up of Yate’s behaviour.
e. What was the academic value gained in covering up Yate’s behaviour?
f. Comparing Marsden’s response with that of Jesus, or the Apostle Paul.

3. Why did Yate think his behaviour was acceptable within religious standards?
a. Academic role models: 18th century academia.
b. The academic argument against “truth”.

4. What is the fascination that homosexuals have with writing religious history?
a. Academias war against the Church.
b. Who sponsors academia?
c. Universities making money from publishing.
c. Who has written NZ church history?

History is written by the victors.

Link: Petition for publicly available New Zealand Child Sex Offender Register.