Inspiration for this site, well, a part of it.

So I am one of two guys sitting in a home-group of one of Auckland fastest growing modern style churches along with a handful of women. (This is several years ago.) One is explaining what a difficult time she is having with winz. She can’t get full time work because she needs to be home when her 11yo son comes home each day. He cries and sits on her lap for a couple of hours.She can’t work, she has to be there for him.  All the other women are naturally very supportive. She’s got a nice property in trust in a wealthy suburb. Son goes to a good school. His boyfriend has left his school once he turned 16 and is no longer around as much to defend her son from those kids who tell him that he should not be gay. The mother gets lot of support from this group. She’s such a progressive mother. Those children are bullies. He son has a right to be gay if he wants. She is so wonderful for supporting him and encouraging him to make sure he doesn’t give up this relationship. She is feeding off of all this encouragement. Without much else, her kids are her life. This home group meeting was a great encouragement that she was on the right track and they all prayed for the situation and those horrible bully children that told her son that he should not be in a homosexual relationship. I notice the other guy in the home group also sits in silence, like myself, trying to be invisible. I can’t help thinking it must be so hard for an 11yo to talk to a mother like this about anal bleeding. He, too, knows what she will say. Well, it was your choice. I can sort of understand why so many kids commit suicide, not being able to handle the consequences of the choices they make.