This is a campaign to stop the sexualisation of children is our churches with the LGBTetc gender agenda.

Helen “Life would be so boring if there were only two genders!” Bergin, lecturer for the Catholic Institute of Theology at Auckland University, advocated that children should be encouraged to experiment with various gender identities at an early age. Bergin, whose inspiration was Vatican II, insisted that patriarchal structures such as fathers or churches should not be allowed to dictate to anything to their daughters because they don’t know what it’s like to be a woman. (It was UoA graduate Eugene Sisneros who took the Anglicans to court in an attempt to force gay ordinations).

It was during this Human Rights trial that the Bishop of Auckland gave his assurance to the court that he had promised his predecessor that he would work on advancing the ordinations of gay clergy. Clergy are of course, the role-models for Anglican life.

The Catholic Bishop of Auckland refuses to prosecute the homosexual clergy who abused young boys.

Some of the anticipated pages of this site will be: (all only in draft form atm).

Trendy secular academic theology: Higher Criticism to Cultural Marxism.
The evolution into Christian Darwinism.
Homosexual paedophile grips control of history.
Adoption or abortion: a nun-issue in the church.
Retroflective: Feminism before Judaism.
Secular Feminism rapes the Church.
The cost of bums on seats.
The sacred cows of feminist theologians.
Absorbing Islam for a one world religion.
Breeding abusers, statistically speaking.
Secular academics silence the church.
Theology of a paedophile.
Idols in your face.
In the beginning, was the Gospel.
The Final Chapter: Covering Abuse


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